DUIstopped.us was founded December 30, 2011 and launched in January 2014. We believe positive priority based priority solutions are the best way to shift social views on the real dangers of drunk driving and they offer the best chance of reducing and stopping drunk driving through practical prevention, education and defense. Our mission is to reduce and eventually stop DUI by providing, “Straight Talk on Practical Prevention, Education and Defense.” Most people do not understand that stopping DUI's is not just about stopping 'drunk driving' it's about stopping innocent people from being wrongfully charged and convicted of DUI. Our positive based solutions will help reduce driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in addition to helping aid the families of victimized by a DUI related accident and innocent people victimized by the flaws in our nation's DUI system.

DUIstopped.us is opposed to the act of drunk driving. We are also opposed to the lack of transparency in our criminal justice system that has allowed thousands of innocent people to be convicted of DUI while allowing thousands of impaired drivers to manipulate the system and get off with reduced charges or get their case dismissed altogether.

Most DUI arrests are the result of an error in judgment because that person does realize that they are impaired before they drive. Trying to educate someone about their impairment level through the criminal justice system won’t reduce or stop drunk driving anymore than the death penalty has stopped murder.

Trying to educate the public and change social behavior on the dangers of drunk driving through the criminal justice system is a negative experience that produces negative results – no one knows about the experience except the person arrested. 

Educating someone about their impairment level after the fact only destroys peoples life’s, careers and destroys families. With all the flaws in out current DUI system the outdated phrase that "Drinking and driving is not against the law, it's drinking and driving impaired that is against the law" needs to be replaced with, "Don't be stupid, Don't Drink and Drive".  Don't put yourself in a situation where you can become another 'victim' fof the system.

DUIstopped.us believes that the only way to reduce and eventually STOP drunk driving is educating the public about their individual impairment threshold ‘BEFORE’ they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. DUIstopped.us recommends the following:

1. Requiring all manufacturers to sell evidentiary breath test devices not only to law enforcement but to bars, restaurants, taverns and nightclubs. The public should be able to check their breath alcohol level before they get behind the wheel of a car.

2. Bartenders With Badges Stopped Us

3. Providing state of the art ‘Practical Prevention Products’ on our website such as the Arrive Home Alive Membership Program that offers instant alternate transportation services, the Test or Arrest Breath Sample Tubes, video recording systems such as and Go-Pro and Mobile Watchman.

Combining our Practical Prevention Products with our Priority Based Positive Solutions will not only help shift social behavior but dramatically reduce and eventually STOPP drunk driving.

Remember, stopping DUI's isn't just about stopping drunk driving, it's also about stopping innocent people from being wrongfully arrested and wrongfully convicted by an unjust system

Together all of us can stop DUI's, it all starts with the 'YOU' in us.